What is your office hours?  
  My office hours are:
Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre (GIMC):
Tues : am & pm
Thurs : pm. (By appointment only)
Fri : am & pm
Sat : am
Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC):
Mon : am
Wed : am & pm
Thurs : am
  What is osteoarthritis?  
  This is a condition that is due to degenerative changes affecting the joint where the cartilage is damaged and bone grinds against each other in the joint. It can occur in younger pateints especially if there was injury to the cartilage as occurs in fractures but more commonly it occurs in the older population. It often causes pain, swelling and instability if the bones are severely worn out. If can affect any joint but the knees and hips are more commonly affected. The treatment include no operative management with NSAIDs, COX2, Analgesics, Viscosupplements injections, Steroid injections, physiotherapy and ultimately total joitn replacement when pain control fails by all other methods.  
  Is there XR, CT and MRI facilities in your practice?  
  Often imaging using XR and MRI are helpful in diagnosis of your condition. These facilities are available with a new XR centre set up in the Medical Office Block in Gleneagles for your ease and comfort. Both GIMC and SDMC have one of the most updated scanners that offers excellent and detail images to assist in diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. Additionally there are excellent CT facilities that has 3D reconstruction capability for detail bones analysis and also BMD (bone mineral densitometry) to assess osteoporosis severity.  
  Will physiotherapy be required after surgery?  
  Physiotherapy is critical to the ultimate success of your surgery especially those that involves the joints. It is not uncommon for physiotherapy to start before the operation and then continued and modified as healing occurs. For optimal results in orthopeadic condition that may or may not requiresurgery, your enthusiasm and perserverence with the rehabilitation regimen with your physiotherapist is important.We work closely with physiotherapist who are experienced who can help optimise your rehabilitation.  
  What should I bring with me when I come for a consultation?  
  When you come for your consultation please remember to bring the following:

Insurance information – Hospitalisation cards

Copies of your medical treatment report, original XRays, original MRI scans, original CT scans from your previous doctor visits If you have had previous operation elsewhere, please bring along a copy of the operation report
  What Insurance Company Accepted?  
  Most insurance are accepted.  
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